NBI.clearance.renewal.graphicsThe National Bureau of Investigation is the primary agency of the Philippine Government established for investigative services and laboratory research in relation to crimes and other offenses against the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. The same agency acts as the national clearinghouse of criminal records and issues a clearance certificate for all persons without criminal convictions in the Philippines.

Fingerprint Impression-taking

Applicants for the NBI Clearance Certificate living abroad can have their fingerprint impressions taken at their local police station or at the Philippine consular office and thereafter have their fingerprints/clearance application form sent to the Philippines following the procedures outlined below.

The Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines is not the agency that processes NBI Clearance Certificates, but merely assists in the fingerprint impression-taking of the applicants. The NBI Clearance applicant will have to send the documents and payment to the Philippines by postal mail, or request an authorized representative to hand-deliver/submit the documents to the appropriate NBI office in the Philippines.


The fee collected from the NBI Clearance Certificate applicant at the embassy/consulate corresponds to the service fee for taking fingerprint impressions. It is NOT the NBI Clearance Certificate processing fee. The NBI Clearance Certificate processing fee is collected by the NBI in the Philippines.

What to Bring to the Consular Section for Fingerprint Impression Taking

NBI Clearance applicants who will have their fingerprint impressions taken at the Philippine Embassy must bring their valid passport and a photocopy of its biometric page, along with a recently-taken 2x2 inches color photo in white background.

The applicants shall then follow the procedures below to submit the NBI Clearance application form to the NBI and pay the appropriate fees or have a friend based in the Philippines do the steps instead.



Step 1 Secure a fingerprinting form (NBI Form No. 5) from the Philippine Embassy/Consulate in the country where applicant resides. This Form No. 5 is free and not for sale. (A relative or friend in the Philippines can also secure NBI Form No.5 from the Mailed Clearance Section, 3rd Floor, NBHI Clearance Building, UN Avenue, Manila.)

Step 2 Fill out the card and go to the Embassy/Consulate or nearest police station for fingerprinting (rolled impressions). The person who took the fingerprint impression must sign or initial the card and affix the stamp/seal of his office in the appropriate section of Form No.5.

Step 3 Attach a 2x2 inches picture in white background, taken within the last three (3) months prior to application, and submit a photocopy of your passport data page.

Step 4 After fingerprints have been taken, the NBI Form No.5 needs to be submitted to the NBI. This can either be through an authorized representative or by direct mail to the NBI office. Payment amount and accepted modes of payment on settling the NBI clearance fee should be obtained from NBI directly.

Those that wish to directly mail their Form No.5 to NBI should address the documents and provide their complete contact information to:

The Officer-in-Charge
Mailed Clearance Section
3rd Floor, NBI Clearance Bldg.,
UN Avenue, Ermita, Manila

Tel.No: +63 2 523 8231 Local 5465


  • If a representative would submit/hand-deliver the documents at the NBI in the Philippines, a Letter of Authorization or Power-of-Attorney may be required.