An acknowledgement is the act by which a person who has executed a legal document goes before a competent officer and declares it to be his true and voluntary act and deed. A Certificate of Acknowledgement is executed by an officer of the Philippine Embassy when a person who has executed a legal document appears personally before the officer of the Embassy and is acknowledged as the signatory of the document.


1. Original and duplicate (or photocopy) of the document/s to be acknowledged. The Embassy will retain the duplicate.

2. Personal appearance of the executor of the document at the Embassy. The original document must be signed in the presence of the consular officer/staff.

3. The executor must submit a copy of valid identification such as Passport, Proof of Residence in Indonesia, Driver’s License or other acceptable document with his / her photograph and signature.

4. Processing fee of Rp 325,000 per document (to be paid in cash).