Map of Indonesia
White region show extent of oversight jurisdiction of PHL Embassy in Jakarta.


Diplomatic ties between the Philippines and Indonesia were officially established on 24 November 1949 with the opening of the Philippine Consulate on Jalan Imam Bonjol, Jakarta. Soon after, on 01 December 1949, the Philippine Consulate formally took over the representation of Philippine interests in Indonesia from the American Consulate General.

On 27 December 1949, the Philippine government officially accorded recognition to Indonesia and elevated the Philippine Consulate into a Philippine Legation on 23 February 1950.

The Philippine Legation was elevated to the Philippine Embassy in Jakarta on 27 April 1951. Two months later, the two countries signed the Treaty of Friendship between the Philippines and Indonesia on 21 June 1951 in Jakarta.

In 1952, the Philippines established the Philippine Consulate in Manado, and Indonesia established its Consulate in Davao. To date, the Philippine Consulate in Manado remains the only foreign representation in Manado.



The Philippine Embassy in Jakarta promotes Philippine interests and promotes bilateral ties with the Republic of Indonesia, provides consular services and has oversight and consular jurisdiction over citizens of the Philippines domiciled in the following regions:

  Province Region
1 Aceh Special Capital Region Sumatra
2 Bali Lesser Sunda Islands
3 Bangka Belitung Islands Sumatra
4 Banten Java
5 Bengkulu Sumatra
6 Central Java Java
7 Central Kalimantan Kalimantan
8 East Java Java
9 East Nusa Tengarra Lesser Sunda Islands
10 Jambi Sumatra
11 Jakarta Special Capital Region Java
12 Lampung Sumatra
13 North Sumatra Sumatra
14 Riau Province Sumatra
15 Riau Islands Sumatra
16 South Kalimantan Kalimantan
17 South Sumatra Sumatra
18 West Java Java
19 West Nusa Tengarra Lesser Sunda Islands
20 West Kalimantan Kalimantan
21 West Sumatra Sumatra
22 Yogyakarta Special Region Java

Note: Jurisdiction based on D.O.03-2020 dated 10 Feb 2020