ATTENTION: (11 Jul 2021) -- Due to the current restriction measures pursuant to the declaration of Emergency PPKM in Indonesia stemming from the resurgence of Covid-19 infections, consular transactions at the embassy will be by appointment only. Kindly read the latest update on consular services for details.

 The following are the prevailing consular services charged by the Consular Section based on the latest consolidated schedule of fees approved by the Department of Foreign Affairs:

Regular Passport Application / Renewal IDR 990,000   Report of Birth IDR 412,500
Amendment / Extension of Validity IDR 330,000   Report of Marriage IDR 412,500
Replacement of Lost Passport IDR 2,475,000   Report of Death IDR 412,500
      RA 9048/10172 Petition Filing for Clerical Error IDR 825,000
 Travel Document Issuance IDR 495,000   RA 9048 Petition for Change of First Name IDR 2,475,000
9A Temporary Visitor (1 Entry / 3 months valid ) IDR 495,000   Acknowledgment IDR 412,500
9A Temporary Visitor (Multiple Entry / 6 months valid) IDR 990,000   Jurat IDR 412,500
9A Temporary Visitor (Multiple Entry / 12 months valid) IDR 1,485,000   Copy Certification IDR 412,500
       Administering oaths IDR 412,500
9A Temporary Visitor (1 Entry / 3 months valid - Restricted) IDR 660,000    Transcribing and recording of depositions (per page) IDR 412,500
9A Temporary Visitor (Multiple Entry / 6 months valid - Restricted) IDR 1,320,000      
9A Temporary Visitor (Multiple Entry / 12 months valid - Restricted) IDR 1,980,000    AUTHENTICATION SERVICE 
       Certificate of Authentication IDR 412,500
9C Individual Seafarer (1 Entry / 3 months valid) IDR 330,000      
  • crew of 40 or less
IDR 1,650,000   Various certifications IDR 412,500
  • crew of 41-100
IDR 2,475,000   Marriage solemnization (for Filipino contracting parties) IDR 990,000
  • crew of 101-200
IDR 3,300,000   Marriage License Application IDR 412,500
       Consular Mortuary Certificate  IDR 412,500
 9F Student Visa IDR 4,125,000    Fingerprinting IDR 412,500
9G Pre-Arranged Employment Visa IDR 6,600,000    Certificate of No Legal Impediment to Marry IDR 412,500
47A2 Special Non-Immigrant IDR 6,600,000      
 13A Immigrant Visa IDR 2,475,000      


 Last adjustment of schedule of fees: [Date]