ATTENTION: (11 Jul 2021) -- Due to the current restriction measures pursuant to the declaration of Emergency PPKM in Indonesia stemming from the resurgence of Covid-19 infections, consular transactions at the embassy will be by appointment only. Kindly read the latest update on consular services for details.

(02 Jul 2021) -- Incoming travelers vaccinated abroad arriving from the "Green List" countries and having exclusively stayed there for the past fourteen (14) days preceding arrival in the Philippines can avail of shortened quarantine measures in the Republic of the Philippines, provided they qualify under the guidelines  stipulated in Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) Memorandum Circular No. 2021-11 dated  30 Jun 2021. 

Upon the recommendation of the Department of Health and the Technical Advisory Group, the countries/jurisdictions listed hereunder have met the prescribed incidence rate and case trajectory to be considered as "Green" countries for the purpose of Resolution No. 123-C of the Inter-Agency Task Force on the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) of the Philippines:

  Country Name   Country Name   Country Name   Country Name
1 Albania 21 Gambia 39 New Caledonia 57 Turks and Caicos Islands (U.K.)
2 American Samoa 22 Ghana 40 New Zealand 58  Vietnam 
3 Anguilla 23 Greenland 41 Niger 59  Zimbabwe 
4 Antigua and Barbuda 24 Grenada 42 Nigeria    
5 Australia 25 Hong Kong 43 Northern Mariana Islands    
6 Benin 26 Iceland 44 Palau    
7 Belize 27 Isle of Man 45 Rwanda    
8 British Virgin Islands 28 Israel 46 Saba    
9 Brunei 29 Laos 47 Saint Barthelemy    
10 Burkina Faso 30 Liberia 48 Saint Kitts and Nevis    
11 Burundi 31 Malawi 49 Saint Pierre and Miquelon    
12 Cayman Islands 32 Malta 50 Sierra Leone    
13 Chad 33 Marshall Islands 51 Senegal    
14 China 34 Mauritius 52 Singapore    
15 Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) 35 Micronesia 53 Saint Eustatius    
16 Eswatini 36 Montserrat 54 South Korea    
17 Falkland Islands 37 Morocco 55 Taiwan    
18 French Polynesia 38 Mozambique 56 Togo    


To qualify for the shortened quarantine measures in the Philippines, the incoming travelers must:

  1. Have come from the above-listed "Green-List" countries and stayed there exclusively for the past 14 days prior to arrival in the Philippines.
  2. Must be fully vaccinated outside the Philippines and can present their World Health Organization-issued International Certificate of Vaccination (as specified in the International Health Regulations, 2005) as proof of vaccination abroad. The Covid-19 vaccine administered should be among those included in the Emergency Use Listing of the WHO. 

Qualified incoming travelers shall be required to undergo a  seven-day facility-based quarantine upon arrival, with the date of arrival being the first day. Thereafter, an RT-PCR testing shall be conducted on the fifth day of the facility-based quarantine. If the RT-PCR test yields a negative result, the individual shall complete the 7-day facility-based quarantine after which the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) shall issue a Quarantine Certificate indicating the individual's vaccination status. If the RT-PCR test on the fifth day yields a positive result, the traveler will be isolated for at least ten (10) days pursuant to established health protocols. 

All arriving fully vaccinated individuals not covered by the foregoing cannot undergo the shortened quarantine measure and shall comply with the testing and quarantine protocols as prescribed under the Omnibus Guidelines on the Implementation of Community Quarantine in the Philippines, as amended.